In an age where the playing field of photography has been leveled by technology and everyone has a camera, when a light shines above the crowd as brightly as Katarina's, you know it is a truly gifted talent and not merely a learned skill.
Kat has the ability to capture musicians when they are like lighting rods receiving and transmitting the energy of the universe for all to hear. There are moments that happen on stage, moments of sheer bliss that transcend all. Where the music is flowing through the musicians and connects with the audience in an incredibly transcendental way. The ability to capture those spiritual high points is what sets Kat Benzova apart. She captures artists at the perfect moment when their souls are completely exposed.
At just 13 years old, Slovakian born, Katarina Benzova would leave home on an international modeling contract, sending her to live in all of the major fashion cities around the globe… It was through her extensive travels during her 10 year career as a fashion model that her ambitions finally outgrew the runway, prompting a deeper need to rediscover both herself and the rest of the world from the other side of the lens.
And it'd be through the lens that she'd grab the attention of none other than the iconic Guns n' Roses front-man, Axl Rose. Axl was so moved by the photos that Kat took of the band at a show in Vienna, that he immediately hired her as the bands exclusive photographer. She continues to tour with Gn'R as their tour photographer. She has quickly become one of the most in demand rock photographers and has shot and worked with other legendary bands like Aerosmith, Kiss, Motley Crue, ZZ Top, Courtney Love, Motorhead, The Cult, Sebastian Bach, Thin Lizzy, Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains, Black Label Society, KORN, Van Halen, to name a few.
Kat's work can be found in publications such as: Rolling Stone Magazine, Vogue, Classic Rock Magazine, SPIN, NME, LA Times, Metal Hammer, NY Times, USA Today, .... as well as ads for Monster Energy, Celestion Speakers, James Trussart Guitars, Ashba Swag, … She has now begun to cross over in to fashion, editorial, advertising and fine art.
Kat carries on the torch of history's great arts photographers capturing and inspiring an heir of mystery, ex-citement and drama with every image.